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How it works

The sun heats the outer cone, heated air circulates between the outer cone and inner cone and the food waste simply digests or dissolves–it is over 90% water. This is an aerobic process so that there are no odors.  The end products are water, carbon dioxide and a little bit of residual material. Initially, a natural, organic accelerator is used to start digestion, but very little is needed to keep digestion moving. No chemicals, just the heat of the sun!

The diagram below gives a detailed picture of what takes place…the 18” deep basket is placed in the ground, the 2-layer cone is attached, soil is back-filled to cover the joint between the cone and the basket. Once in place, the cone need not be removed unless the basket fills with solid material.  Usually there is no need to provide any maintenance for 2-3 years…or not at all!

How the Green Cone Works

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